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Cheryl Sanmiguel


Manila Philippines
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Profile: Model
Age: 38
Gender: Woman
Height: 5'2" (157cm)
Relationship Status: (Only here for work)
Membership: Basic
YoModel ID: #26992
I got into modelling via my husband who is a photog. I discovered how much I like it and that is how it began...

You can contact me directly with details of your assignment (topic, time frame, and compensation).

I often get asked about my nude work. Here it is:

I charge differently for topeless vs implied vs full frontal. Give me your own compensation structure.

Some rules to save us both time:

a) I don't do porn. I am married. I am professional, so I expect a safe professional environment. If you are looking for more than a model in front of a camera, I would recommend places like Manila Bay Cafe.

b) I don't do shoots in hotel rooms, so please don't invite me to your crib for some naked R&R with a camera. I consider modeling nude as an art, so I expect more than a guy with a camera.

c) It should go without saying that I expect no touching, except for minor pose adjustment. If I feel that we have crossed the line out of professionalism into 'that' area then I'll leave.

d) Escorts: This is a touchy subject for most photog. Depending on how I feel about the situation, I'll be asking for a female escort. The escort will not be sitting 'in' on the shoot, but available nearby in case things go side ways. If you are a brave Photog, I can bring my husband along. Wait...don't run! He does naked photography himself and may even bring along other models to join us for more extensive session.

Alright enough of all these do and don't! Just contact me with your project and let's have fun creating art!
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AJ CU 5 years ago
Visit my facebook fan page if your'e interested pm me your contact details like your MOBILE NUMBER here or on my fan page

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