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Johnston Broad


London United Kingdom
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Profile: Casting Agent
Age: 48
Gender: Man
Relationship Status: (Only here for work)
Membership: Basic
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IMPORTANT (Please read this carefully):
I come here to make friends with whom I can share ideas and be able to expand my business horizon by adding the ones who wish to join on a contract. Unless, you are sent a contract and specifically addressed for business solicitation the interaction shall remain congenial and non-obligatory for all concerned. Simply you do not owe me anything and I do not owe you anything, unless otherwise specified., except a debt of gratitude.

I am a private producer and a talent scout. I work on private projects for selective clients only. Always on the look out for fresh talent..drop me a line at with your portfolio/pics and I will get back to you. Those who wish to add me to their SKYPE Contacts are free to do so, my SKYPE ID is talent.scout.69 with the same email ID you can search and locate. I respect your time and effort, expect the same from you too. I believe that life is 10% of what nature sends your way and 90% what you make of it. Enjoy and Cheers to all

I am a happy go lucky kinda guy. Non-judgmental and very forthcoming to well mannered individuals.

I started my very first talent scouting project way back in 1988 as a University Project for my Post Graduation. The Project was to institute a business and solicit investment from investors. I launched an 'Escort Agency' that was formally instituted and ran it for around 3 years even after completion of my studies. Took on a day job and worked my way through the corporate ladder at various international companies and locations across the world. Talent Scouting was a hobby throughout, which I took seriously, have scouted more talent than changed business partners in my career.

Over the years I had put aside a number of resources, organized them and fuelled my passion for a business setup of my own. I am now putting together a group of companies and one of the businesses that I have successfully put together is a Media Company in Dubai, UAE. The company does not only have an entity, but a presence and a team of professionals that I have collected and empowered to deliver the next generation of a media business house. The company already has projects that will keep us busy till mid of 2014. We have affiliates and offices in Europe, Asia and the Far East.

To contribute towards the success of the people that I come across with, even if I do business with them or not. Make friends. As when they are successful, they will help my success and that makes me selfish too -so I want you to be successful.
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