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I am finally starting my own photography company. I have done freelance work for various events and companies over the last few years. I am very easy going and love to work with models and help promote them and different clothing lines. I hope to get many contacts and do some shoots with models on this site. you can contact me here or at Hope you all have a great day! Currently i have a few left over Lingerie and cosplay outfits from a previous shoot, if interested in doing a shoot let me know and hope we can work something out. I am also in the process of getting new outfits from a few new clothing lines I am a gamer and enjoy MMA and would love to do more Gamer/MMA theme shoots. I am always traveling around the world and would love to work with as many models as possible. I am always willing to help out models from my hometown in MA and if you wanna do a Red Sox theme shoot, heck i am a hardcore fan so always willing to do it for free. I just purchased a poster size printer so soon i can do poster prints if anyone is interested in making their own posters Thanks for reading my profile and hope to work with you soon. I have been here in Korea for 4 years and have enjoyed working with all types of models. I have 1 more year here and hope to do a few more shoots before i leave. I recently started doing modeling agency work as well, helping new models build their portfolio and getting jobs. I also help start websites and finished products also find me at LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK PLEASE
I've been shooting professionally for over 15 years in commercial (Sony, UCLA, Columbia Tri-Star, DayRrunner) , events, and portraits. I've also been training and managing post production crews at Pictage (where I started and created all their standards) Jupiter, and Getty Images as well as around the world. I mix fine art and fashion looks to create images. When you have a moment, please take look at my blog and web site at to see much more of my work.

I am an outgoing and creative person and have some modelling experiance. I have done fashion, glamour, themed and art nude style shoots I love to work with new photographers because I think everyone has a different artistic view and I love to see it in the photos. My rates are very reasonable. If MUA or Wardrobe provided rates drop.
If you are interested in booking me for a shoot please give me details as to the nature of the shoot, compensation, location etc...Serious inquires only.

Photographers I’ve been working in december 2010:

Jeroen Gordijn
Ben Ernst
Roderick Lloyd
PF ( picsbypf )
Tomas Fransen

My career started in september of 2008. This began with the modelling, however I am a photographer now.

I' ve already been a model more than 4 years, moreover learnt taking photos. I wanted to try how can be stand on the other side of the camera and create.

After my first shots I took the fancy of this art branch, and I' ve been loving in it. By the feedbacks I felt it worths to begin this.

Please visit my website:

Allrock PhotographyI'm Carlo Palma, a Filipino based in Dubai, UAEI do the following services:Wedding PhotographyEngagement Sessions PhotographyMaternity PhotographyEvents PhotographyEtc.You may call me at +971558995700
My name is Neel and I work in a photography studio in Bangkok. I grew up in Melbourne. I have been taking pictures for a few years and I enjoy it quite a lot. My previous hobby was making independent videos including music videos and short films. I enjoy photography more because it is easier and more rewarding. My studio is in Asok, Times Square Building near Asok BTS station. The name of the studio is Honeysun Photo. My email address is if you need to contact me quickly.

I have done some work on some advertisements in Bangkok. I also do portraits and travel photography.

Hope to work with a lot of creative and professional people.  


-freelance photographer *portraitures *glamour *fashion *conceptual *festivals *events *adventure *sports *travel *landscapes *macro *light painting


-adventure enthusiast


-racing enthusiast


feel free to message me for photography related inquiries and transactions.. :) 

add me up in facebook...

I am a photographer, based in Europe but most of the time traveling around the world, in Asia, Africa and Latin America. IF INTERESTED, SEND ME A MSG WITH YOUR EMAIL & LINK TO CONNECT IN FACEBOOK. I am interested for female models, with or without experience, which I can help in building their personal portfolio. I have many yeras experience in people and travel (Portraiture & Street) Photography and 5 years in modeling. I have another job to live from, so I am able to shoot on a TF basis. Any costs will be covered by me. I love catching the feeling and the moment. I prefer to adapt shooting to the model, to the place, and to the "sentimental atmosphere" than trying to push everything to fit in an idea that I had thousands miles away. According to my experience, a friendship based on respect, also helps both the model & the photographer to enjoy the photo shooting, to perform instinctively when they feel so and to be more creative. If interested, we'll discuss and mutually agree the place, the concept and the style in a way that you feel comfortable. I am simple, open and adaptive so please feel free to share any idea or thoughts, even the crazy ones (especially these!). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just keep in mind that traveling doesn't allow me to carry heavy stuff or having studio facilities and we will use natural light, usually outdoors. Anyway, I fully agree with the great photographer Tom deL saying: "My current shooting preferences call for as little equipment as possible. The fewer distractions, the better. Over the years I have realized that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of equipment involved and the level of communication with models." Given all these, the quality of photos will be similar to the ones in my portfolio. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are interested send me your Facebook e-mail or link. Being friends there helps to know more about each other & contact easier... Please feel free to contact for any question you may have. Thanks for your time to read my profile.

Shooting, portfolio and photobooks. Do not hesitate to contact me.

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