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 konsciousmoney (Konscious Money Ent) New York United States
4 years ago
Ripping Runways Magazine * The Story On How It All Got Started

Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine is inspired by the two young adolescent daughters ages 6 and 8 of the CEO for Konscious Money Entertainment Group, these two young girls at the age of 4 and 6 started to play guitar, piano, drum machines, develop their own sense of fashion, and begin posing like models for anybody that took their pictures, even at family gatherings, which inspired their father so much from the feedback he was getting from their photos, that he decided to start his two young daughters a modeling and talent magazine called “Ripping Runways Magazine” on July 30, 2012 which is his youngest daughter’s birthday, in hopes that the magazine would inspire his two young daughters to do bigger and better things with their creativity and at the same time take control of their own destiny, but he not only wanted to give his daughters the chance to pursue their dreams and control their destiny, he wanted to reach out to every female aspiring model worldwide and offer them the opportunity to compete for a feature spot by submitting their professional photos and bio or cover letter for a possible feature spot in one of the upcoming issues of Ripping Runways Magazine.

He wanted to show aspiring models that he and his company Konscious Money Entertainment Group felt so strongly about the potential of each aspiring female model that they featured in Ripping Runways Magazine, that they were willing to feature these aspiring female models in the same issue as Miss Universe Canada, Miss World 2010 Runner Up, Miss Zambia, and celebrities like Melba Moore and many others.

Within five months of Ripping Runways Magazine first photo contest for female models, the magazine started receiving calls and email inquiries from models and talent in London, South Africa, Canada, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, France, Singapore, Philippines, Austria, and of course from many states in America, to name just a few countries that had female models and female talent submitting their promotional kits and portfolios for a possible feature in Ripping Runways Magazine.

Ripping Runways Magazine has now become one of the world’s premiere online fashion magazine and it is responsible for discovering some of the hottest aspiring female models and female talents in both the fashion and entertainment industry year after year.

Ripping Runways Magazine now receives between 60-70 new model submissions daily worldwide from aspiring and professional female models, and as a result, Ripping Runways Magazine is emerging as the center of attraction in many fashion and talent circles nationwide as the source for giving aspiring models and upcoming performing talent promotional exposure through it’s Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Model Agency, Ripping Runways Modeling Competitions, Uptown Premiere TV show, TV Talent Searches, Model Talent Searches, Internet promos, magazine photo contests, live club, music video promotions, and event hosting.

Ripping Runways Magazine will continue its dedication to showcasing and featuring the hottest and most creative women in the fields of modeling, clothing and accessory designing, singing, rapping, hair styling, makeup artistry and photography worldwide.
If you are an aspiring female model with at least 10 professional high quality photos with no logos or photographer signatures, and you are interested in a possible feature spot in Ripping Runways Magazine, please visit our website to fill out an audition form at:

We are happy to share our story with you and hope it will inspire you to chase your dream, start a business, or just become more productive in life.

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