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 konsciousmoney (Konscious Money Ent) New York United States
4 years ago
This is the Official 2014 Audition for Ripping Runways Magazine

The producers and talent coordinators for Ripping Runways Magazine the internationally known online publication for aspiring female models and female talent are looking for the hottest up and coming female models, designers, singers, rappers, dancers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and photographers to feature in this fantastic internationally known magazine that is read by millions, that include many entertainers, models, celebrities, casting and talent agencies, TV and film production companies, and advertising agencies.
Ripping Runways Magazine is an internationally known online publication that is dedicated to showcasing and featuring the hottest and most creative women in the fields of modeling, clothing and accessory designing, singing, rapping, hair styling, makeup artistry and photography worldwide.

We are now auditioning worldwide for the hottest female aspiring and professional models, the hottest female singers, the hottest lingerie and swimsuit models, the hottest female rappers and dancers, the hottest female hairstylists, the hottest makeup artists, the hottest female designers, and the hottest male and female photographers ages 18-35 to feature in our online magazine and in our upcoming live TV filming and events in 2014.

There are no fees, this is a free opportunity for you to be seen by millions, and you do not have to live in the United States to submit your photos, videos, bio, or promo kits to be considered for a feature in this internationally known online publication, because this is a worldwide audition, so remember that the photos and videos you submit will be the same ones that will be featured in our magazine if you are selected to be a feature in our very popular online magazine, but you will need to submit as many recent professional high quality photos as you like, but you must submit at least 12 or more of your hottest and most recent professional high quality photos ( that are no older than 9 months) with no logos or photo signatures.

We do not accept photos that are older than 9 months, we do not accept camera phone photos, we do not accept low quality photos, we do not accept photos with logos or photographer signatures, and we do not accept personal photos that are taken in your home, we do not accept photos that are collages or have effects added to them unless the effects are from a professional photo shoot, so please do not submit none of the above or your photos will not be considered for a feature in Ripping Runways Magazine.

Remember that your photos will be judged on photo shoot location, hair and make up styling, creativity in your posing in either formal clothing, casual clothing, and swim wear, or lingerie, but we recommend that if you have a photos of you in formal clothing, casual clothing, and swim wear or lingerie, that you submit photos in them all because it will show your professionalism and diversity as a model in a variety of clothing.

Please submit your photos, bio and any video or video links, and promo kit to: rippingrunways@aol.com

Please visit Ripping Runways Magazine online at: http://issuu.com/rippingrunways/docs/12_2013_ripping_runways_magazine_do

Please visit Ripping Runways Magazine Website at: http://rippingrunways.wix.com/rippingrunways

Please visit our websites below at:

Konscious Money Entertainment: http://www.wix.com/konsciousmone1/entertainment

Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine: http://rippingrunways.wix.com/rippingrunways

Girl 9 Model Agency: http://girl9modelagency.wix.com/girl9modelagency

The more photos you submit the better chance you have of being selected to be featured in one of our 2014 Ripping Runways Magazine issues online for millions of people to see.

If you are a photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, actor, or designer, please submit your promotional kit with 10 or more recent high quality photos of your work, your bio with contact information, and any video or video links to us by email.

Please visit website for details and audition form at: http://rippingrunways.wix.com/rippingrunways

If you are a rapper, singer, or dancer, please submit no less than 6 professional photos, any video links of you performing, a bio with your contact information, and 2-3 original songs.

Please visit website for details and audition form at: http://rippingrunways.wix.com/rippingrunways

Ripping Runways Magazine is now accepting photos, bios, and videos, from female aspiring models, professional models, female singers, dancers, Deejays, designers, female rappers, female fashion bloggers, photographers, hairstylists, and makeup artists, interested in being featured in our magazine, please visit website for details and audition form at: http://rippingrunways.wix.com/rippingrunways

This is a serious opportunity for serious minded people that are looking to further their careers, this audition is not for wanna-be people that don’t have a professional promo kit with a bio and professional photos, so we ask that all wanna-be’s please don’t waste your time or ours if you are not qualified to meet the guideline of this audition.

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Rebecca Ronda · Model · Valencia Spain
4 years ago
I m interested, give me some information, thanks

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