Request us on FACEBOOK APPLY TO be a Model: | We are located in New York City New York .  We aim to devise a marketing and career strategy for aspiring models that wish to pursue a career goal in the USA, European and South American alternative, glamor, men's magazine and art adult markets. This is a great time to set up your own content business and make money as an independent model!  We have experience in commercial, swimsuit, lingerie and secondary fashion markets.   Achieving a career in Haute Couture in New York City , Paris or Milan is very difficult for 90% of models and especially for models overseas. However, there are many opportunities for models not connected to major fashion houses to work together with minor, aspiring, fashion designers, companies and photographers. In New York City, an attractive model really does not need to pay for photographs if she is willing to do TFP and trade her time for the skills of the many up and coming but still relatively unknown and still talented photographers that need models to make their visions become real.  I have worked for major magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Penthouse, Playboy and foreign editions of FHM.  I have also worked in the music industry with artists such as Nelly, The LOX, JZ and P Diddy. I have also worked in the USA television industry, freelancing for Lifetime networks and MTV networks.   With the right strategy and career goals (including knowing how to generate publicity and attention ), an attractive model does have the opportunity to become the next Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, or similar new media star. These are exciting times when the only publicity is good publicity.  Getting your name out there should be the No 1 of any model, performer or actress that wants to "make it".  You must be bold, daring and willing to take chances and also have the dedication to work together with other creative people to make a splash in the entertainment world.  Creative people and artists are open minded, avant garde, and maybe even a little crazy :)This is the way genius and success are born.   When you enter the creative arts remember to be your self but also consider seriously going beyond your limits and going into "dangerous" territory... "no guts no glory".  All of the top fashion and creative arts houses and famous people are not your everyday sort of person, and they are always looking for others just like them because everyone wants to see and be entertained by those artists and performers that push the limits and actually believe that there are no limits to what we can do.If you are in the USA and even if you are overseas, feel free to contact us at or text to 1 646 784 8115 , (what's App and Viber) we would be glad to give you inside advice and suggest how our outlets and other opportunities can help you achieve your well deserved success.  Remember, models should not have to send or spend much money to get consideration.  There are too many "agencies" that overcharge models  for photos and other services that a model in the know can obtain for free or for a much more reduced price.  As a model you should view your self as a "product" and devise a plan to market your self whilst you are still attractive to maximize the opportunities that present them selves to you. Welcome to the creative circle! I ask that you use my company application form, Yomodel will erase all emails after a few months and I will lose all of my previous contacts. Once you are in my system it will be easier to stay in touch.
I am located in the WASHINGTON, DC, USA, metropolitan region. At this time I am limiting my photo shoots to girls who live in these 5 states in the USA: 1. Maryland, 2. Washington, DC 3. Virginia, the northern part 4. West Virginia, the eastern part 5. Pennsylvania, the southern part Exception would be if you have plans to visit the Washington, DC, USA in 2013 please let me know 60 days in advance and we can talk about a photo shoot. I began photography in 1963 with a Kodak, the small 110 film, pocket camera. I moved up to the Nikon SLR in 1975, while working in New York City. I continued to take photography classes at community college and at the Nikon School of Photography. I moved to Maryland in 1983 and continued to study photography at Montgomery College. I bought my first digital camera, a Fujifilm 2400, with 2.4 megapixels; in 1999, that was when 80% of the photographers said that digital photography would never equal film! I bought my first serious digital camera in 2005, the Nikon D100 and went back to Montgomery College to learn how to use it better. I began photographing models in 2006. I now shoot with the Nikon D3S, D800, and D700. I use Nikon prime F2.8 lenses. I photograph about 60 girls and women a year! Thank you in advance for visiting my Portfolio. Note: This is not my primary portfolio. See over 2,400 images on Facebook Go to my link at See over 100 images on My goal is to be the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Photographer. I enjoy portrait photography. 90% of my work is outdoors in natural light in fun locations. For example: sailboats, horses, lakes, rivers, cruise ships, beaches, mountains and waterfalls. I continue to search maps and ask people where are beautiful outdoor locations for photo shoots. Most of the leads are not worth using but when I find that special location one or two times a year, it is like finding a new friend, the kind you treasure and keep for a long time. I enjoy working with new models who are willing to work hard. I appreciated experienced models who do this for a living. I only do photo shoots on Monday through Friday. I block out my nights and weekends for family time. Thank you, Richard Curtis, Photographer Maryland, USA
Munir El Kadi is an International Award photographer from Baghdad, Iraq. His pictures have captured the eyes of Jurors in international competitions such as the special recognition in the Lucie IPA Award (2012) and the Jury Award of Merit in the Still Life category, International Fine Art Photography Competition in Paris (2013). His works has been exhibited in Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai and will be exhibited in Salon de la Photo, Paris in November 2013. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1970 from Iraqi Parents. He spent his childhood between Lebanon, U.K. and Iraq, traveling around Europe and other places with his parents, a passion that will continue to the rest of his life. Munir’s photographic style focuses on environmental messages, as well as photography with a philosophical and cultural meaning behind them. He is also interested in photographing real people doing what they do in their daily lives, as well playing with abstract concepts. Munir is currently residing in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates with his wife and two sons. In addition to photography, Munir loves travel, research into science education, and other musical and visual arts and is an avid Tango dancer. Munir can be reached at through his email:, facebook and twitter accounts. His photography websites are:, and
I've been shooting professionally for over 15 years in commercial (Sony, UCLA, Columbia Tri-Star, DayRrunner) , events, and portraits. I've also been training and managing post production crews at Pictage (where I started and created all their standards) Jupiter, and Getty Images as well as around the world. I mix fine art and fashion looks to create images. When you have a moment, please take look at my blog and web site at to see much more of my work.

Professional Photographer in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Interested in Wedding photography, Portraits, Fashion and Glamour.

Contact Info:



Photographer with own studio in Olching, near Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

More Pictures at:


Howdy, my name is Honey Cramariuc, 31 years old. Yeap! Honey it's my name. It's cool, huh? I'm a 31 years old photographer from Romania, who lives near Munich. My first experience as a photographer took place back in childhood, with a Smena camera. Since then I started shoot... people, places, events and all I thought it was interesting to catch on camera.

Starting from a hobby, spurred by the praise received from relatives or friends, I began to have more and more expectations from me. That's why I want to become professional photographer. I've been around photography all my life, I grew up with that and we stayed together all the time, whether I've worked in press or for my personal projects. I have a strong passion for capturing the human emotion and expressions and that make's me a photographer aimed to portray the beauty found in ordinary things.

For editing I work with programs such as Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3 and Nikon Capture NX2. This programs are part of my post processing flow as I am convinced their role is essential in shaping the final look of an image.

I'm a photographer, specializing in staged photography, environmental portraiture and event photography. I have worked with: Wunderman Bucharest, FHM, Freestyle Magazine, TimeOut Bucharest, Suicide, Bearly started approaching more of the fashion and lifestyle photography.

Willing to travel, and looking to relocate abroad. Portfolio available at

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