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Bliss Photography And Videogra


Miami United States
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Profile: Photographer
Age: 59
Gender: Man
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I shoot fitness/swimwear and high fashion mostly.The athletic female form is a singular visual phenomenon
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Movie part United States 2nd of January 2018
Casting for the independent movie "Spy girls" Applicants must meet the below requirements and submit up to 10 different fitness type shots showing muscle tone/strength. Applicants must be a
Models with very strong legs for exercise videos Thailand 7th of November 2017
I need 2 VERY fit Women for an exercise video.
Muscular female model wanted United States 24th of October 2017
I am doing a shoot in a mansion and need a muscular fitness model.
Very fit female model wanted United States 24th of October 2017
I am doing a beach shoot and need a very fit to muscular fitness model.
Fitness related models United States 14th of April 2017
We are looking for very fit females worldwide for Our fitness videos and an upcoming movie part for 10 very fit Woman. Models must have visible muscle and be very strong for gymnastic type videos
Fitness model United States 14th of April 2017
Searching for overseas very fit Women for fitness videos/photography. Please EMAIL some fitness shots DIRECTLY to

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