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Nature James


Akron United States
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Hello YoModel viewers and promoters,

My name is Nature Anroyal James and I am 33 years old. I am from Akron, Ohio and have been in the modeling industry for about 2 years now. I did modeling in my younger years but I got chosen as the new face model for Model Productions in June of 2010. I did apply for different jobs while holding a contract with them but because of the distance and the financial situation at the time I was unable to attend any of the auditions. I am on this website seeking to pursue my career and maybe be chosen for modeling clothes, doing commercials and any other opportunities that may be offered to me. I am interested in modeling because I love to travel and I know that I have the look and the style to become the best model any agency could have if I could just get my foot in the door. I have not done any modeling persay recently but I do sing in the young adult choir at the church my husband plays for and I was also in the Christmas play in 2001 at my old church. I have also done some model scouting for Models Inc. in 2008. I am excited to get new and adventurous opportunities to add to my resume.

Anyone that is interested in auditioning me to model or do any work in the modeling industry my contact information is as follows?

Phone: 2345257041

I will be looking forward to receiving phone calls very soon.


Nature James
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