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Ilorin Nigeria
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Profile: Model Agency
Age: 2019
Gender: Man
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In an Era of Moral Decadence,We believe fashion and style can still be Portrayed and Conveyed modestly. Modeling over the years have been Stereotyped and there is a general negative impression about fashion and modeling.
Natex Modeling Agency was a rescue mission to aspiring models, denied opportunities, discriminated, segregated and Ignored. By Grace in less than a year,We’ve grown to be one of the Fastest Rising Modeling Agency in Africa, with notable feats, achievements and Impacts in the Creative Industry.
We are Professional Modeling Agency that Scouts intending models and aspiring models, kickstarting their modeling career.
We Train and also Groom our Models for Runway Shows,Fashion Events,Photo Modeling,Fashion Modeling,Facial Modeling,Brand Influencing and Representation,Ushering,Pageantry amongst others.
As at date,we engage in most aspect of modeling but GLAMOUR.
We have a Vision of Incorporating the Modeling Industry into the Corporate World.
We Leverage on Innovation and Creativity in Operations and We also look at Corporate Development as an intrinsic part of our model training. After which they are either placed on a Payroll,Signed or given a responsibility with a reward system. We Create models and Help Develop professional modeling careers from mere interest. We are in the forefront of innovation as we accept KidModels,TeenModels,Petite Models and Plus Sized Models.
We operate Majorly in Ilorin,But also in Ibadan and Lagos.
Abuja, Benin, Ogun, Minna, Kaduna, Osun, Jos, Anambra, Benue, Port Harcourt, Imo, Taraba would kick off in a bit.
We are pleased to Inform you that we are currently open to every State in Nigeria.
We Could also make an arrangement specially for You, from any part of the world.
We hope to help you startup and develop your modeling career,and also reach stardom.
To Our Esteemed Clients,We look foward to hearing from you and Providing models for your functions. Its our passion to Help drive your success in the marketplace and ultimately lead to the transformation of your Business via inspirational Innovation and Creativity.
You Can reach us on Instagram,Facebook,Whatsapp and Via International Calls.
Thanks for Visiting and perusing,Hope to see you again. Connect to Us on our Social Media Platforms.

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You can be a Model💯 Nigeria 12th of August 2019
Do you have an interest in Modeling? Would you love to be a model? Do you think you're too short or Fat? We got you covered💯 Contact Us Asap
Aspiring Models in Ilorin,Ibadan,Lagos Nigeria 26th of June 2019
Contact us on Google,Instagram or Facebook. @natexmodelingagency
FOR ASPIRING MODELS Nigeria 26th of June 2019
Start up your modeling career today.
Startup your modeling career Nigeria 10th of June 2019
Are you in ilorin,ibadan,lagos,osun,ogun states of Nigeria. Do you have a passion for modeling? Do you have an interests in modeling? Have you been looking for an opportunity to startup a modeling
Kickstart your Modeling Career Nigeria 30th of May 2019
Are You In Ilorin? Are you in ibadan? Do you have an Interest in modeling? Would you love to be a model? Whatsaap +2348132830321asap

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