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model portfolios
I am the owner of YoModel & Part-time Photographer. Enjoy YoModel and Upgrade your account Check out some other sites: - high class VIP dating - my youtube channels - my facebook
model portfolios
model portfolios
Hi folks,Am Mayank,ur photographer, born in Delhi, currently working in Bangalore..i am a completely self taught skills goes best when it comes to new photographic styles and techniques..which i have completely tried to keep a balance between . This is my journey to continue learning, stretch my skills and share my experiences and insights with evryone..According to me,Photographs are just not simple images, they are more conveying a story,and every story has a soul..which i try to reach it to the hearts of the people....I hope and and believe that my photographs would reach to every heart.. This being my small endevour towards the journey of a wonderfull field of art and techniques..i.e,"Photography"... i would continue putting my heart and soul into it, with best possible techniques,as long as photography lives.....:-) my best wishes to everyone..!!My Site :
model portfolios
I’m Sternz, born in Malacca on 1985, Malaysians with arts talent who once fell in love with photography… and still. Always striving for perfection, he continues to develop and refine his portfolio. He usually finds himself as the creative director, choreographer, retouch-er, and photographer – all in one day’s shoot. In 2008, he founded his own company, Malaynea™, that focuses on the work of photography and other creative products. Now, he is eyeing the opportunity to exhibit his work internationally to share with the world outside and seek new knowledge for improvement. As for this, he is totally willing to travel worldwide. Any talents ( girl / guy ), Make-Up Artists, Hair-Stylists, Wardrobe-Stylists, Fashion Designers/Students, Dancers, Painters, Sculptors, Craftsmen, Photo-Manipulators, who would like to do a collaboration project with me is always welcome, just send me a note or an e- mail for details from your primary e-mail account. Website: email : malaynea [at] Meanwhile, I am the admin ( content-creator ) for YoModel Facebook Pages ( Malaysia ) Thanks:)
Model portfolios
Have worked with many different nationalities and enjoy working with all new ideas Portrait, Dance, Gothic, Nude, artistic, tattoo, etc. New ideas always welcome, Even Happy for TF if Idea is good. Interested in working with new ladies in the west coast area from Southampton to Brighton area, possible travel further depending on subject Special rates offered to students from these regions. All questions answered in a prompt time frame. Please note I will not shoot with under 18 without parents consent and them present, sorry but that is the law. I have found an ideal place for a studio and will be offering shoots days, Mail me if interested. I seek paid shoots only, would consider TF for unique ideas or new faces. Please Note 1) If I book you for a shoot, Please do not request Photo's. If I pay for a shoot then this mean's you will not be given any photo's to keep or use other then the ones I upload. 2) If we TF then you may have a copy of the Water copy photo's, I have issued photo's before and these were used by the model and no references were given, this is not agreeable since its my time and money as well spent on the shoot and editing 3) If you book me for a shoot then the photo's are yours to do with as you wish I REQUIRE TWO FORMS OF AGE PROOF BEFORE UNDERTAKING ANY PHOTO SHOOTS, If you look, or I suspect you being under 18 RATES (as of Dec 2013) Per hour £35 Half day £130 Full day £200 Video work, up to Adult £200 Wedding shoot (1800 for day, prep to reception, full day), Optional Mercedes SUV 08 Plate Studio Hire, Including props, lighting, clothes etc Full day and evening - normally 8 am to 10 pm - £150.00 Daytime - normally 8.30 am to 5.30 pm - £100.00 Half day (morning or afternoon) - 50.00 Evening session - £60.00 Hourly - £15.00 Weekend premium - 10% FOR HIRE CARS Mercedes AMG SLK 13 Reg In Black Mercedes SUV 08 Reg in Black (Only for Model shoots, not for driving. I will be present and will drive to shoot and back) I am in the process of setting up hire weekends for the SLK AMG. 750.00 for entire weekend, Yes you can take it and drive. Refundable deposit would be 2000.00 only selected people not for everyone. And Age restricted to over 25. Please note not available to hire in Winter, Spring-Summer-Autumn only Snakes Reticulated Python "Cyd, a female", 3.5 feet at the moment but should grow to around 10-12 feet) Royal Python "Sid a Male" 2 feet at the moment, should grow to around 5-7 feet Lizards Two Bearded Dragon, around 15 inches "growing fast" and very tame but will grow to around 2 / 2.5 feet when mature Spiders Five Tarantulas Scorpians Two Emperor Scorpions Birds Two lovely parrots, Hand tamed African masks Bought today, amazing quality and size Follow me on

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Unspoken Model Rule #66: How old is your comp card? I understand when you get a good photo you want to hold onto it forever. My driver license photos ...

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