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 pejoe (Bliss Photography Video) Miami United States
2 years ago
Casting for the independent movie "Spy girls" Applicants must meet the below requirements and submit up to 10 different fitness type shots showing muscle tone/strength. Applicants must be able to do some of the stunts and send a casting tape in:

Be able to fireman's lift a Man and carry Him up a flight of stairs

Piggyback a drunk Man from a car and into a house

Wrestle a Man and place Him in a scissors hold

Lift a Man You just hit and lift Him from the floor carrying Him

Punch a Man and shoulder carry Him and throw Him into a pool

Leg press a Man many times to show strength

Have visible muscle in Your arms/legs/abs

Be able to demonstrate by flexing legs/arms

Be able to lift a Man in whatever way You can. This video is NOT for weak Woman just Women who are VERY strong and willing to show off their strength. The movie parts involve 10 physically strong Women who kill terrorists with their strength. The lead role female must have visibly muscular features OR be willing and able to easily lift a Man in different ways and love showing off Her strength. She would lead the others, be able to take a punch in the stomach from a Man and be very beautiful and intimidating physically. To apply email beauty and strength productions

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