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Akron United States
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Age: 2019
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Hi I am Meron I am 23 and I am from Ethiopia. If you want to get to know me please message me. :)

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
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Never give in your stead go fawared..✨
Meron · Regular User
Never give in your stead go fawared..✨
Meron · Regular User
The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.✨
Meron · Regular User
Smile it makes others happy.🙊
Meron · Regular User
Natural look is always the key..✨
Meron · Regular User
Sometimes natural look is needed❤
Meron · Regular User
Never give up your dreams❤
Meron · Regular User
Never give up. Dream big
Meron · Regular User
Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it.
Meron · Regular User
Complaining today about yesterday will not make tomorrow any better. Today is new opportunity, a new chance for a new beginning.
Meron · Regular User


Israel Colon 2 years ago
call me ASAP MERON I might have some work for you here in NYC.....1 646 559 2154
Israel Colon 2 years ago
Meron if you ever travel to NYC and need new photos at a reasonable price kiddo call me at 1 646 559 2154 studio # or 1 646 919 4478 my cell below are links to my photography click the links or copy and paste them into your browser: My Tumblr: My Yoyo Model: My Model Desire: My talent house: My Explore Talent page: Deviant Art: My official web site: My Personal FB page: My Photography page on FB: My linkedin:
Konscious Money Ent 2 years ago
Please visit our casting call link to view all of our current casting calls for aspiring female models, fashion events, clothing designers, photography and video internships, makeup artists, and hair stylists worldwide at:
Charles Vance 3 years ago
Very sexy and beautiful!
Richard Kasica 3 years ago
Nice portfilio, Try tu remove the selfies to make it stronger :)
Hendrik Van Der Merwe 3 years ago
Hi Sweet. You are beautiful and inspirational and sexy too.
Charles Vance 4 years ago
Very sexy!!!
Meron 4 years ago
I have always dreamed of being in the modeling industry. I would love to be in fashion show run ways and in front of magazine. and I all so love being in front of the camera even when I was little I love taking pictures. I think modeling is not for everyone but trying never hurts. Always flow your dreams don't let know one discourage you. Life is experience live love and laugh.

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