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Make Up Guru

make up guru
hi! My name is Jessie Nim better known on the internet as xXjessiexnimXx I am a model, singer, dancer, actress and cosplayer based in the Surrey / Hampshire area and willing to travel for photo shoot and modeling opportunities! I have been cosplaying for about 4 years now and have a vast online portfolio on DA you can see this here: I also have a facebook for cosplaying and most of my more professional shots for publicity here: on and off I have been modeling for about 2 years now, mostly in my spare time but never professionally, although I have been given free photo shooting opportunities by semi-professional photographers at conventions for anime and manga all over England. I have appeared in a few anime and gameing related magazines for my cosplays and my dance group has been mentioned in many online articles about the gameing genre. As you can see form my gallery I am not afraid of trying new looks and styles such as; wigs, crossplay (cosplaying different genders), contacts, false eyelashes, high heels, old age make up ect. Covering lingerie is as far as I will go for shoots, unless there is a high artistic element and then further negotiations can be made. I always do my own make up and have many years experience with varying types including stage make up and prosthetics. I have a high standard and a strong work ethic, I am very willing to travel far, supply my own clothes and do my own make up and hair. I have no allergies to any prosthetics or make ups at all. I am not currently signed by and agency but am on the look out for one. My main fashion interests include but are not limited to: lolita of all types especially sweet, fairy kei, cosplay, japanese harujuku styles and any styles relating to japanese street fashion, Shironuri, visual kei, bodypaint and LARP. I am fairly new to LARPing but it is very interesting to me! And I would be very keen on any LARPing photo shoots! Leather armour, viking armour and chain mail are all readily available to me. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or send me a message on any of my social links below! Thank you for your time FB: YT: DA:

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