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London United Kingdom
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Profile: Casting Agent
Age: 42
Gender: Man
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if you will consider tf work maybe email me,
best wishes

i will never photograph the male

a photographer is like an eagle viewing the world in perspective and the beauty of the model, it is not a skill acquired without reflection.

that is why the equipment is irrelevant, a poor workman blames his camera, a good one his perception.

Educational Qualifications

Diploma in Photography
Brandon Institute of Art, 2008
High School Diploma
Greenwich High School, 2007

Achieved first prize at the Amateurs Photography National Competition held in 2009 in New York.
Organized photography gallery for three years, from 2008 to showcase my photographs

Photography is a field that does not require rigid educational qualifications. It requires professional photography training and passion towards the art of capturing moments on camera. Continuous practice and upgrading the photography techniques constantly are the tricks for surviving in this career. You are free to pursue your career in this challenging profile by starting your job search using this junior photographer resume.

I started off with landscapes and now I am looking to build my portfolio further with live models. As I have a full time job I am generally only available at weekends and some evenings - depending on location. My preference is shooting one on one and I think the best pictures are achieved when there is a good relationship/chemistry between model and photographer.

I am also willing to travel for the right model/assignment.

I have shot in hotel rooms and the model's accommodation - results have depended on the lighting and some have been mixed so I am looking to improve these. At the moment I do not have a studio or home location from which to shoot.

I am open to all interesting assignments to develop my portfolio and build new skills. I have undertaken over twenty photo shoots recently and I am looking to expand in all areas, learn new skills, meet new people and have some fun. I am particularly interested in shooting fashion and lingerie - especially outdoors. Shooting in nature or old buildings has a unique feel about it.

My preference is to shoot for at least 2 hours and often longer depending on the relationship and assignment.

Can i just make a couple of observations for models.

1. if taking selfies use the timer rather than shooting into a mirror because the phone always distracts from the composition and cant be edited out

2. always select the highest resolution the phone offers

3.usually for indoors switch the flash 'on' rather than 'auto'

if you will consider tf work maybe email me,
best wishes
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Limited offer for models United Kingdom 6th of March 2017
my holidays are in april and i am keen to do some tf shoots plus retouching, AND WAIVING COPYRIGHT

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