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Glamour Photographer

glamour photographer


-freelance photographer *portraitures *glamour *fashion *conceptual *festivals *events *adventure *sports *travel *landscapes *macro *light painting


-adventure enthusiast


-racing enthusiast


feel free to message me for photography related inquiries and transactions.. :) 

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glamour photographer

We joined this site hoping to get to photograph some professional and amateur models to help broaden their portfolio, and ours as well. We do paid jobs and also accept TFCD. We also do our own editing and graphics as needed. We also do event photography like school events, weddings, company etc.. We have a simple home studio and equipments to do outdoor photo shoots if needed. If you have any questions just leave us a message.

Thanks for dropping by.
Hope to work with you soon =)

We ensure your satisfaction, starting from your first transaction - up to the final delivery of your photos.

We go with the flow of the digital tide. No matter how hip or how classic the trend goes, we are always in style.

We don’t just do the job; we make sure we offer anything you may need for the
preparations of your events, from the smallest detail to the primary concerns.

glamour photographer
hai me JOSEPH craig i am a ameture photographer just started clicking the wonderful world with my cam so i would like to develop my skills here so that i can grow to a good photographer hoping to be the good in it 
glamour photographer
Hi.. Thanks for stopping by .. am a freelance semi-professional photographer, heavily inclined towards the art side of the world. I am based out of India & travel with my work.

I work with models with all range of experience and am happy to work with fresh talent towards mutual benefit.

I am also the official photographer for ibibo- ifresh face south India (

Contact me:
My work:
Facebook page:
glamour photographer
** The Past ** I was always fascinated by two things when I was a kid: photography and the female beauty.   I got my first taste of using SLR (and black and white film) back in secondary school, as an exchange student to Japan.  My mentor taught me the basics: camera, developing B/W film, and even portraiture.   The most important lesson he taught me, which is something that I believe up to this very day, is that "everyone has a photogenic angle".I wanted to pursue my passion for photography back then, but unfortunately the economics of it wasn't viable at that time.  I just made sure that the flames of that passion did not burn out.  More than a decade later, I picked up where I left off when I moved to Singapore.  I tried other genres to get the ball rolling again.  I even volunteered with Singapore Red Cross (and at that time, I was the only Filipino photographer on their roster).Then I met two other mentors, who have great influence on my style, and they both drew me back to my first love:  the female beauty.   I got a chance to work with professional and amateur models from different countries and cultures:  Brazilians, Russians, Canadians, Americans, British, Czechs, Australians, Chinese, Thais and Malays. ** The Present ** I am currently based in the Singapore, working for a company.  As far as my schedule goes, I'm pretty much flexible even on a work week.  So, to all the female models out there: Let's shoot!Interested models (including first-timers) can send me a message here, or email me at john [at] focaljam [dot] com.  ** The Future ** Can't really say where this will take me.  Just like with one other passion that I have:  it's best to just feel it and not think about it.  The fun and pleasure is in experiencing it.  As one Jedi master said, "Don't think. Feel."Plus of course, there's you and me in a photoshoot session.
glamour photographer
I love being creative with people in photos!  Natural photos bring out the shine in everyone!  I have been told I make even the most nervous person comfortable in front of the camera!.. They forget it is there!  I love  Working with people of all ages and all types of shoots!  I have been shooting most of my adult life, but this time in my life I have the time to concentrate on what I love to do the best , I just opened a studio in a wonderful old warehouse, that gives me tons of inspiration to shoot!  I love fashion , I think outside the box, and inside the box! I would love to help you with your portfolio needs~
Glamour photographer
glamour photographer
glamour photographer
My name is Jason Liddell, I live on the Central Coast NSW, I'm happy to travel bewteen and including Sydney and Newcastle, anywhere else if expenses are paid. I have an immense passion for capturing the precious and fantastic moments of life.

Discovering photography during my school years i instantly found my first love, my experience was of course with the more involved "film reels" then the digitals that we have now. I never fully emerged myself into photograpy though it always found a way into my life tapping me on the shoulder reminding me where my passion lies, the call of photography is too strong and i have been persuing part time off and on. I've shot plenty of weddings and commercial work which I love, after working for Australian 4WD Action mag where I was in charge of organising photographers, I realised that I would love to photograph for magazines either freelance or exclusively if the right one came along.

Ulitimately I love to be challenged and this pushes my boundaries as a photographer and therefore produces the best outcome. I've supplied shoots for commercial advertisements in the past which provided me that push I need to capture and produce my best work and now I want to do this with models. So any model out there who has a challenge, let me work with you to get the results you are after.

I own a complete mobile studio with lighting, etc, I do enjoy location shoots mostly.
I have a female assistant who helps me out and also is a profesional make-up artist who does most of my models make-up when required.

I'll treat any model with the up most respect, as I would expect to be treated, I want you to feel extremely comfortable around myself as it shows in the photographs. I would appreciate your referrals and letters of recommendations as a photographer, as I know you are advertising yourself as a model I want to portray the most captivating visuals of you as a model, therefore I would hope that would encourage a positive review of my work. Ultimately I would love to be the most respected and wanted photographer on here.

Jason Liddell Photography
Mobile: 0406 535 808
Web: (In the process of a complete upgrade, was never finished correctly)
glamour photographer

Introduced to the camera at a very young age of 7, Robero Iano?s name does not need any

introduction in the field of glamour photography. In the past decade many a Movie stars and

Beauty queens alike have been shot by the photographer who is known to capture not just the

outer beauty but also captures the character of his subjects.

Its not surprising that he has some highly respectable name as his clients. His editorial

work in various fashion magazines have made him popular amongst the best of Indian fashion


His association with the beauty pageant is a result of his knack of discovering new faces.

With so many feathers firmly placed in his hat Robero Iano feels its just a beginning of a

beautiful photographic journey.


Interest: I generally believe into creative works for me work is worship and I do involve myself into what type of work that I am going to do. With involving with selecting of attire of model to creative makeup and I also play with light and effects which give more dramatic looks and its separate my work with among others.

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