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Fashion Photographer

fashion photographer
I am the owner of YoModel & Part-time Photographer. Enjoy YoModel and Upgrade your account Check out some other sites: - high class VIP dating - my youtube channels - my facebook
fashion photographer
Fashion Photographer
I am a American X-Pat and Professional Photographer living in Guilin, Guangxi PR, China since 2009 and i am always looking forward to work with new, up and coming or experienced models in and around my area for my projects or your portfolio. I have been doing Portrait, Glamour, Fashion and Erotic/Fine art nudes for over 14 years and maintain a strict and professional attitude at all times. I look forward to collaborating with adventurous models seeking work that's creative and bold and make's a statement in the Art Photography Field. Fine art projects using natural/minimalist lighting outdoors and in studio. Am seeking Models in the Guilin/Guangxi P.R. area for TFP/CD and/or paid if applicable for my projects. I will ALWAYS require proof of age, and a standard model release.
fashion photographer
Hi folks,Am Mayank,ur photographer, born in Delhi, currently working in Bangalore..i am a completely self taught skills goes best when it comes to new photographic styles and techniques..which i have completely tried to keep a balance between . This is my journey to continue learning, stretch my skills and share my experiences and insights with evryone..According to me,Photographs are just not simple images, they are more conveying a story,and every story has a soul..which i try to reach it to the hearts of the people....I hope and and believe that my photographs would reach to every heart.. This being my small endevour towards the journey of a wonderfull field of art and techniques..i.e,"Photography"... i would continue putting my heart and soul into it, with best possible techniques,as long as photography lives.....:-) my best wishes to everyone..!!My Site :
fashion photographer
I am a fashion photographer, Looking for new talent especially from Gujranwala. contact me 0321-6417798.
fashion photographer


-freelance photographer *portraitures *glamour *fashion *conceptual *festivals *events *adventure *sports *travel *landscapes *macro *light painting


-adventure enthusiast


-racing enthusiast


feel free to message me for photography related inquiries and transactions.. :) 

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fashion photographer
** The Past ** I was always fascinated by two things when I was a kid: photography and the female beauty.   I got my first taste of using SLR (and black and white film) back in secondary school, as an exchange student to Japan.  My mentor taught me the basics: camera, developing B/W film, and even portraiture.   The most important lesson he taught me, which is something that I believe up to this very day, is that "everyone has a photogenic angle".I wanted to pursue my passion for photography back then, but unfortunately the economics of it wasn't viable at that time.  I just made sure that the flames of that passion did not burn out.  More than a decade later, I picked up where I left off when I moved to Singapore.  I tried other genres to get the ball rolling again.  I even volunteered with Singapore Red Cross (and at that time, I was the only Filipino photographer on their roster).Then I met two other mentors, who have great influence on my style, and they both drew me back to my first love:  the female beauty.   I got a chance to work with professional and amateur models from different countries and cultures:  Brazilians, Russians, Canadians, Americans, British, Czechs, Australians, Chinese, Thais and Malays. ** The Present ** I am currently based in the Singapore, working for a company.  As far as my schedule goes, I'm pretty much flexible even on a work week.  So, to all the female models out there: Let's shoot!Interested models (including first-timers) can send me a message here, or email me at john [at] focaljam [dot] com.  ** The Future ** Can't really say where this will take me.  Just like with one other passion that I have:  it's best to just feel it and not think about it.  The fun and pleasure is in experiencing it.  As one Jedi master said, "Don't think. Feel."Plus of course, there's you and me in a photoshoot session.
fashion photographer


I’m Jenica April Cahayom taking Bachelor of Fine arts Major in Visual Communication at . I actually love taking pictures, I started taking photography class I understand the rules and make me realize that it’s not easy. We started from basic and slowly get better in everything.  Seeing, using gears and reaching people. Photography is an unending journey, where one can always do something new, something that is not good, something better and something that is more beautiful. 

fashion photographer
I’m Sternz, born in Malacca on 1985, Malaysians with arts talent who once fell in love with photography… and still. Always striving for perfection, he continues to develop and refine his portfolio. He usually finds himself as the creative director, choreographer, retouch-er, and photographer – all in one day’s shoot. In 2008, he founded his own company, Malaynea™, that focuses on the work of photography and other creative products. Now, he is eyeing the opportunity to exhibit his work internationally to share with the world outside and seek new knowledge for improvement. As for this, he is totally willing to travel worldwide. Any talents ( girl / guy ), Make-Up Artists, Hair-Stylists, Wardrobe-Stylists, Fashion Designers/Students, Dancers, Painters, Sculptors, Craftsmen, Photo-Manipulators, who would like to do a collaboration project with me is always welcome, just send me a note or an e- mail for details from your primary e-mail account. Website: email : malaynea [at] Meanwhile, I am the admin ( content-creator ) for YoModel Facebook Pages ( Malaysia ) Thanks:)
fashion photographer

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