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EXQUISITE MODELS INTERNATIONAL is Africa's leading female modeling
agency with an international
standing; discovering and grooming many of today's newest and freshest
female faces adorning the mass media of fashion print, television
commercials, international runways, and commercial print.

Exquisite Models International is known for having provided the
international marketplace with polished "new faces" with a vision of
what will simply be "Hot!" The agency is known for having a great
partnership with their models, of their career goals and intuitive
marketing strategies. In addition, the agency boasts of the staff's
incredible work experience within the fashion and entertainment

Exquisite Models International provides the opportunity for the
promotion of aspiring MODELS who are looking to promote themselves and
market their talents using new media strategies. The agency has a major
presence in the Western region respected by clients and contemporaries
alike. The agency displays its mainstay power in the modeling industry
with their formidable talent and enviable list of clients. In addition
to their business savvy in domestic bookings, the unparalleled strength
and force of the agency is the agency's keen placement of the models
into the foreign marketplace of Europe, Australia, South America and the

Exquisite Models International places great emphasis on development and
continuous growth potential of their new and established models. Many of
the "exquisite models" have remained with the agency from the start of
their career to present which enables them to command top billing rates
and exclusive contracts with major advertising clients. Exquisite Models
International is a very active participant in AIDS and BREAST CANCER
charities educating all to the right to life. In Africa, Exquisite
Models International remains to stand tall and strong among the giants
of the industry. Fashion may change, trends may come and go-the
intellect and humanity of Exquisite Models International will always

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Edoh Tonia 1 year ago
I would love to work with u.cant I get ur contacts pls......thanks
Olaiya Bisola Debra 2 years ago
I had love 2 wrk wif u
Yinka Owate 2 years ago
I would love to work with you

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