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ELS Models Legal Management


London United Kingdom
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About us
ELS Models & Event Management is an operating division of ELSAT Holding ( with operation center in Italy and correspondent in UK, France and USA. Our main core business is international marketing, communication, TV Broadcast Production. We don’t and we will never work on base business schedule like "standard modeling agency". We advertise and commit works directly for our legal managed models. The top managers of our Holding are public chartered accountants, lawyers, marketing and communication specialist of international global industries. The above means that our models will not be limited to work only in Fashion Industry, but to extend the opportunity of work to other industries too.

Models Legal ManagementWe will take care and follow up all our models' career starting to build first their image and then presenting them to our based customers in the world market place.Designers & Commercial Clients. We will manage marketing and communication strategies, starting with a deep analysis and identification of the processes needed, and further to initiate our corporate management direction through our specialists.We will select photographers, models, scenography, organize events, location and so for, over to offer them our professional corporate services in contracting, financing, international marketing, legal contracting, advisory and tax management assistance.The above it’s not all!. We will guarantee success for your commercial campaign!.

Don’t let your designer business or modeling career to get managed by a simple agency, choose a single Holding as your strategic partner that can assist you to achieve your present and future goals.Contact any time our specialists by phone, Skype or email for an initial analysis and advice:We will make your dreams come true.

ELS Models & Event Management
USA > +1-347-9640168 (PABX)
UK > +44-174-8220024 (PABX
ITALY > +39-0763-610244 / +39-06-95552055
Skype: els.models

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Selecting Number 25 models Italy 1st of December 2014
We are selecting 25 new woman face models to add in our management portfolio. Find more at Minimum height: 1.75
Model Management Selection Italy 1st of December 2014
We are selecting number 25 new woman model faces to add in our management. Age between 17-24 yrs old, Minimum height: 1.75. Models location: Europe and USA. Find more at

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We are selecting number 25 new fresh faces woman models. Find more information at:
ELS Models Legal Management · Model Agency


Carley Isitt 4 years ago
I'm interested in becoming a model can you please help me in this industry thank you

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