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Eisen Job Alquiza


Cebu Philippines
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Profile: Photographer
Age: 45
Gender: Man
Relationship Status: (Only here for work)
Membership: Basic
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Eisen /ˈīˈzen/ n.
1. English translation from the German language: iron (chemical element, Fe)
2. fine art and lifestyle photographer; got his first camera when he was 5 and has been happily snapping away ever since

I'm currently a full-time dad raising 3 lovely girls while doing photography on the side.

I've been dong photography since I was 5 and started doing commercial work in 2003.

In 2007, I had to take on more family responsibilities and took a step back from photography to join the work force. But after a 5-year tour of duty in the corporate world I'm back behind the camera.

I'm a craftsman of light, shadow, and form in photography. Digital image editing (aka Photoshop) does make work easier… but I find it more fun and challenging to get it right in camera.

I don't have my own studio. A friend already owns a studio next door to my place. I have my own lighting gear but I rent his studio when required. It helps me from having to maintain a full time studio and helps him in his business. But again, I do have my own set of lighting gear and very adept on location.

I do not give work free for the "exposure"... I have bills to pay, photography gear that wears out, a family to feed, and kids to put through school.


I give limited TFP/TFCD/test shoots/xdeals/fun shoots for portfolio updates. This is not a free ride for facebook photos… I would really need you to work with me for awesome portfolio material so I'll need you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

But if you really insist on having the shoot done your way I can offer a reasonable rate :)

I'm also an educator and conduct photography workshops and teach at a local art school. So I'm also looking for models to work in collaboration with my students.


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Looking for model in Cebu to work with my students in fine art nude figure photography
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer
Looking for a female model to pose for nude figure with photography students at a local art school in February
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer
Setting up to do another UV bodypaint shoot. Looking for a model to collaborate with
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer
IT'S 2015!!! Bring on the hoverboards and power lace Nike!!!
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer
It's CHRISTMAS EVE MORNING!!! Running to the studio for one last shoot before the merry making :)
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer
It's CHRISTMAS EVE MORNING!!! Running to the studio for one last shoot before the merry making :)
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer
AaaaaaaaCHOO!!!! Argh! Allergies :(
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer
Been away from yomodel for sometime... but now I'm back!!!
Eisen Job Alquiza · Photographer


6 years ago
Hello Eizen! Thank you for visiting my page. You have a nice portfolio.
6 years ago
It was great working with you. Thanks for the opportunity as well. I see your posting more photos now. Good job. Best regards.:)
6 years ago
thanks for the visit in my profile:-)

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