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Model (19)
13 hours ago
Jerusalem Tesfaye
Model (2019)
1 day ago
Model (26)
1 day ago
Model (20)
2 days ago
Hanos Tsegay
Regular User (20)
1 month ago
Robel Utant
Model (23)
1 month ago
Model (25)
1 month ago
Mekdes Yoseph
Fashion Fan (29)
1 month ago
Heven Dawit
Regular User (21)
1 month ago
Model (18)
2 months ago
Actor Actress (21)
2 months ago
Elsa Assefa
Photoshop Guru (25)
2 months ago
Feven Yohannes
Model (22)
3 months ago
Regular User (21)
3 months ago
Regular User (17)
4 months ago
SuperGirl Models
Model Agency (2019)
4 months ago
Netsanet Embiale
Model (27)
5 months ago
Nahom Girma
Fashion Fan (20)
5 months ago
Model (21)
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
5 months ago
Natanim Haileliuel
Model (19)
5 months ago
Tami Westt
Regular User (21)
5 months ago
Regular User (15)
6 months ago
Abrham Desalegn
Model (20)
6 months ago
Model (26)
7 months ago
Model Castings Ethiopia
I work modeling jon 17th of March 2019
Acting or modelling jobs 15th of February 2019
Acting or modelling jobs
Model 11th of January 2019
Photo model
Models with experience 4th of November 2018
Hi, is looking for models with experience in modeling. Our Scouting firm is a famous agency based in Frankfurt, Germany with clients such Armani, Gucci, H&M... In the w
I want to work out side my country in modelling 31st of January 2018
fashion modelling photo shoot etc....
Poster 15th of November 2017
You will advertise a product.
Modeling 13th of August 2017
Advertisement model for every work
Ethiopian models who looking for to partcipation on international fashin week 31st of July 2017
we have got a chance to present ethiopian modeles as an agency called afro colours ethiopia so any one who interested pleas inform us by our direct mailling adres then we will in
International fashion show to london fashion week 31st of July 2017
after we examin in there local contry we will give the offer for international fashion show events in bulagaria,austria,london,germny,france,south africa.......etc once you contact us by mail aanwar2
I need a modeling job cause i think i got the body 14th of February 2017
i want to be a mode l i aint professional or something like that am just 16 ..........but dont judge e by my age .........i can do real good
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