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Sydney Australia
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Hi, I'm Ross

In Photography I work mostly with Film in medium format, I know digital is fast but there is no real Art to it, with film I have to consider my shots, compose them, consider the lighting, what we are trying to achieve, and it is a "WE" the model the photographer and the makeup and others if there is one.

In my painting I work mostly with Acrylic on Canvass, I will often shoot a few photos of what I am painting so I can then develop the painting, an Artwork can sometimes take me 60 to 80 hours to paint.

In sculpting I am still developing my Art, it mostly a place for expression of things that happened to me in my childhood and youth, but I plan to make it a part of my wider artistic "canvass" and to work with models through that.

In the background of my main picture you can see one of my paintings, I have a private studio here in Sydney where you can feel safe. I understand the need with in-experienced models to find their own comfort level, to work at a level that suits them and to build their portfolio and experience level, depending on the type of work you want to do and want to pose for, I can guide and coach you. I am happy to work with you to further your career and mine.

you can email me on

Come talk to me about what you need
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