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Pretoria South Africa
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Profile: Photographer
Age: 49
Gender: Man
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Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I am a commercial stock shooter. Basically I shoot anything if I can see potential commercial value in it. For many, stock photography is a boring genre since a lot of shoots are done with very even lighting on a white / black background. This allow easy isolation of the subject and it is easier to add shadows than take it out in post processing. For use by different commercial clients, adding shadows can easily be done by a graphic artist to create different advertisements. Sometime it is more difficult to light up a subject in an uniform and even lighting without shadows, than lighting an art photograph with noticeable highlights and shadows.

Always looking for people to shoot for stock library images, but it is difficult to work with somebody new.

If you never work with us before, contact us and lets arrange a short test shoot just to see how you, the camara and us interact. Maybe you just what we looking for our next project.

We will pay you R75 to cover your costs.

Even though I had a camera from childhood, I bought my first SLR camera in 1996, a Canon EOS 5. I concentrated primarily on wild life photography for many years. Some of my wildlife photos appeared on TV programs like 50/50, or in printed magazines like the Afrikaans travel magazine Weg. My action photo of a rhino lifting a car at Renostergat (Mabalingwe nature reserve) won the magazine's monthly prize.

I prefer the photograph to be the main “art” form since over editing / retouching is mostly rejected by stock agencies due to artefacts that are induced (usually noticeable at 100% and not in the scaled images on the web). I did not perfect the art form though, and it is a constant learning curve.

I am very comfortable and professional around all, from children to nude models (male and female). Please note that I do not do any kind of nude photography on the first shoot (due to the sick world we live in) - I will only work with models I worked with before on nude shoots.

I do have a few rules though.
1. I require the model to complete a model release and present an ID before the shoot starts (Age verification).

2. I require that models bring a trusted person along to the photo shoot. This person is not Dad, mom, husband or boyfriend, if it is, clear it up with me before the shoot. I do not have a problem with dad, mom, husband or boyfriend, but cannot allow the model to seek permission from the chaperone between every shot - If you want to bring any of them with, please lets meet up first to discuss the shoot and make sure they (and you) are comfortable with what you doing. If a husband or boyfriend that is fully supportive and / or comfortable with what you doing, it actually is a bonus and make better captures. In extreme circumstances it will be acceptable to come alone - For example when shooting at a studio where other independent people are next door or the model knows and trusts the MUA. I publish a list of people I worked with in the past, you are welcome to contact them for some reference to put your mind at ease.

3. I will never touch any model, I will try to demonstrate the pose myself (difficult, I know). If not, I will try to demonstrate it on my assistant. In extreme circumstances, if everything else fails, then I will describe what and how I am going to touch the model, and will ask beforehand and requires permission before touching the model.
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