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Leon H


Maryland United States
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Profile: Photographer
Age: 2021
Gender: Man
Relationship Status: (Only here for work)
Membership: Basic
YoModel ID: #55306
Greeting Readers, Photographer (Age not listed so it
shows 2020 in it's place).
Work at events (have covered many runway shows,
seeking male models for website page, test or paid test
free test if you want a feature & free pictures (with name
credit and link or not) your pictures will be different than
whats on the website, paid test if you want a feature
and no images or credits terms to be on model release
likely one or two years use. Send a message for Website
link, Male models ages 18-25 casting on this profile. Send
Messages through


This website might be good for research, however, it seems,
that most things don't work. I've reposted other profiles
on Facebook, and have not gotten any credits for it. I tried
to update the casting call (it's basically the same thing) wanted
to show the year 2020 and can't find, the updated call.
This site has a big overseas, market and I have to conduct
research all over the world. I'm always welcoming to people
who reach out to me, tho, my target area is along the east coast
in America. My target market are male models (My interest is in menswear)
& (mens fitness), tho, could consider, others with the right measurements
sought, and willing to sign the model releases needed to publish your
images. I'm also, welcoming to visitors, who travel to the areas,
I'm seeking to test in and may travel too.
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