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Keira Allen


Spokane, Seattle United States
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Profile: amateur-models
Age: 34
Gender: Woman
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Hi everyone I'm new to this site!:)
I thought I'd give it a try it looked fun and free without being completely like ALOT of the self modeling sites.
I picked this site because of the unique looks it represents. Most us women yearn for the fresh faced , nice smile, tight body, beautiful hair so many women n girls have , but truth is we are not all that perfectly beautiful . Those women of perfection are not to be hated or jelous of , but looked at as beautiful pieces of art only mother nature can produce.
But perfection isn't the definitive of beauty.." there is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion " ..Sir Francis Bacon.
Let's not get me wrong here tho...admitting I see my flaws does not mean I mind having them , they make me!, And that Keira girl is a sweet, sexy ass bitch;)

More about me:
I've ALWAYS been told I have a pure heart, and a good sole inside. I hold that as the best compliments I've ever had.
I'm a very gentle person that has trouble speaking my mind enough till I just can't take it any more then I have plenty to say, but usually don't embarras my self because I try to fight using my mind not just my mouth, and...most girls forget that lil trick;) I hold ALOT in so an occasional ...I said OCCASIONAL lil fist fight if it may happen, helps to let out all I've held in:) I really enjoy nature I'm at the river, beach, woods, as much as possible to get away from the noise of our world. A partner a blanket and my two dogs is my perfect day, but leaving the puppies home so it's just me and you is even better, making love in the quiet , cool, private outdoors is great I love it!! But nothing beats a shower ,clean fluffy bed and some porn!:) I like to write , draw and Learn about politics ( even tho they...the politicians ...make me sick). I am more of a home body than a club girl but I love to dance when we do go out. Well there is MUCH more to me but a short bio is what it asked for so , hope you enjoy my Picts .
~ Keira~
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