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Filipina Model

Filipina model
Filipina model

Hello everyone! I am Mary Ann Calatayud, 21 years old and lives in Isabela,Philippines.

Modeling is one of my greatest dream. I would like to explore more about modeling and hope that you guys can help me with this. i am very much willing to learn.

Thank you! :)

filipina model
filipina model
Filipina Model

      I'm a deep thinker has a good sense of humor. Loving and caring towards near and dear ones. Fun person. Unpredictable at times. Simple person. Spiritual at times. Dedicated and hard working. I love fashion, modeling and photo shoot. I love camera. And I would love to be a part of your creative project.

    I want to expand my portfolio and to experience different concepts that will enhance ME as a model. Looking forward to work with different photographers, styslist, MUA and models. So let's collaborate!

Im interested in PAID ASSIGNMENTS ONLY. I'm also open for print ads/commercials, events and fashion shows.

Feel free to send me a message.

I don't shoot NUDE.

Thanks for checking out my profile!


Miss Makati 2011
-Miss Photogenic

Miss Saniata Ti Ilocos 2011 Candidate

Miss Binalonan2009 fist Runner-up
-Best in Enviromental Costume
-Miss Avon

Miss AMA Makati 2010
-Ms. Photogenic
-Best in Sportswear

Ultramega Event

Photographers work with:

Mark Ches Ang
Arojo Santos 
Anthony Yu
Romeo Encisa Jr.
Edwin Antonio
Allan Mulach
Tony Santos
Jay Espinosa
Rick Bernico
Brian Baltazar
Leo Castillo
Dense Modesto
Vladimir Lima
Lee Lainez
Mherck Caponpon
Billy Jo Mikel
Wendell Viloria
Jed Verjes

MUA/Stylist work with:

David Willis
Daniella Jose
Barbara Bernett
Melu-Jean Apostol
Missy Rivera
Anna Blanco
Blue Hernandez
Joyce Ignacio
Aimi Terauchi
Pao Magsaysay
Charlene Fadrigon
Joice Carrido

filipina model

i really want to become a model! its my greatest dream EVER! if i have given a chance to become one of em.. i will do anything.. i will do whatever i can do.. i will do my best!


i am fun to be with and easy going person...^^

Filipina model

I am a child at heart. I love to laugh and enjoy the company of family and friends. I love to travel and meet different kinds of people. I like the idea of a gastronomical travel since I both love to cook and to eat. I am a voracious reader. I am the kind of person who gets excited over a book and spend a whole day reading it. Above that, I love to write. I am a blogger, through and through. I guess I just have an opinion about a lot of things, but I do understand that each and everyone of us has a voice that needs to be heard that is why I love to listen to other people's point of view. I love long conversations and a good cup of coffee to go with it. I enjoy being behind the camera taking pictures as much as being the subject of the photographer. I enjoy most kinds of sports since I love trying out new things. Sports for me is a fun way to get moving and be fit. I love nature, I enjoy watching the sunset or the sunrise. I am an artist in my own little way. I am also into theater acting whenever there is an opportunity. I enjoy being with kids because of their spontaneity and sincerity. I believe that there is no higher purpose than service to others. I live by my mission in life of moving people to live a lifetime of joy, excellence, abundance and purpose.

Come see me at my fb account:

or you can follow me on twitter: @ckatecu

filipina model

I've just recently participated at Ms. Silka Palawan, it is a pageant and it is my first time joining at such event, but I gained experience and more importantly, confidence, because of that. fashion is my interest but modeling is my passion..I've always dreamed of walking at catwalks someday. I hope through this it will be on its way, haha.. I'm  alsointo music by the way, and I assure you that I'm also a good singer. I can sing pop, country, classic, RnB and even high notes. I don't have any experience on acting yet but I believe I have the potential to start-out, I can try. Thanks for visiting my profile! ^-^

Filipina Model
I'm Bianca Barrameda
13 years old
from Taguig, City Philippines.
I wanted to be a Model since when I was a child.

Add me on facebook : 
Bianca Barrameda

Follow me on Twitter : 

filipina model
i really dreamt of becoming a model since i was small...and now that im 18 I would like to search for the chance of becoming one.I am happy that the internet provides us many opportunities like this. Please hire me and I would do anything you want. I am really fond of modelling and hope to become one someday. I am hardworking, consistent,an appreciative girl, "palaban ako" but sophisticated, they say i am cute and beautiful, i am petite,much like a child they say,but the truth is i am not which is why i joined to let them see that i have grown. Please help me in fulfilling my life long dream and im sure you wont regret having me.have a great day                                                                                  ^_^.....tnx!!

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