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Ryan Rey


Quezon City Philippines
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Age: 30
Gender: Man
Relationship Status: (Only here for work)
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a guy next doormore Of a homebudbut i love gimicks tooim a friendly person but i hate annoying peopleusuaLly misjudge being a snobsometimes im shy and quite, especially when things or place are new to me,,or witH people i dont reallY knowsome people see me as boasful, but in fact im a humble personim approachable but dont approach me with crazy thingsso mean when things aren't right,,no body's perfecti am a loving person,,i can give my 100% when im inlovei can be sweet, its a natureim so emotional person, crying doesnt mean you're weak.its just being true with ur feelings, and actually, its being strongi respect people who respects meim a fighter,,for lovei do care for people who cares for mei hate boring conversationsopen-minded personi love texting,,but call is better:Dclose friends and relatives says im sO "MAKULET"a naughty guy,,not what u think:-P so jealousI LOVEMOUNTAIN DEW or clean my eyes..toinkdance 3bears when im lonelyi dont wear brief.i only wear boxershortsTHEY SAY I AM:frendly..."they say"myteriouskindsweetsmart..oowwwssfunny but a shy type..ngeekWRONG IMPRESSION ABOUT ME:boastfularrogantunapproachablesnobI LIKE IN A PERSON:friendlykindsweetunderstand merespects mecorrect my mistakesfunny but can be seriousbroad and open mindedhas sense of humoralways there when u need thema shoulder to cry onI DONT LIKE IN A PERSON:flirting me so muchchasing meannoyingmeanarrogant
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