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Madrid Spain
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Age: 31
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Height: 5'10" (178cm)
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Hello Everyone thank you for viewing  :| My name its Javier  22 love the Site and love the People 2 i love the modeling and fashion and body care fit tips  if u want to have the abs workout out men or women fitness i -1 u most eat  will -2 u most exercise your body daily 1 day off in the week -3 u most get all u need in ur body raw foods  live ur life diet the tipes off foods bads food cream or sauce full fat and  extra oily food like fried potatoes don`t think about this food they make ur life bad bad 4- ur  body needs hour and half workoute daily like like a stretching fitness or bodybuilding  or more things off sports depends about the sports  5- know we will talk about the fast food like macdonald or whatever restaurant fast food  do u know that ?in the morning until they close the restaurant they never change the oil . 6- (7) hours of sleep doesn’t mean you wouldn’t feel a lot better wake up in the morning and get the sun vit  7-walking is very good for health 8-  diner or breakfast food  when u finish have a walk in the sea or in the street or in what ever ! walking is the best exercise to loseweight and give u more time 2 live  ,,, and there is more about thes soon more u will see  and any thing please add me in or msg me i am here for u all and  u all help me to have it cuze my mom when she see me all the time  she don`t stop looking for me  and she`s @@  looking am like moom what whay u don`t search in the net for modeling u look like a model am like whatt mam   ** hehe and i have more stofs about the foods and what do u eat  and wich food i eat i want the best for u all i don't keep a sciert  know we will change the mode  i will talk about fashion or hair care tipes 2 for men or women  !!  how to get the  strong thick & shiny hair  and for hair loss 2 step 1- u have live ur diet style 2- u most to eat  vitamins for ur hair care b12 all we know about it b1  and b6  3-shampoo and conditioner 4-coconut oil for hair amazing or lemon lemon juicenatural food u use it as a mask for u hair 1 time as a week  5- don`t wash your hair daily  there is more soon i will  talk about this  heheh know i will change the mode  heheheh know all the people they will ask me ? are u studing or what ar u doing are u studying or working i was  a police man but i didint like the work i left  the work  i was  in special forces a trainer (police man )   but know am working a s avsmall business to help my self for food and live thats all and i wish all the best   know we will change the mode again lool i have manymany stories know u need to no about me more and more my name is javi  22 i live in madrid soy espanol  i am spanish man but Mix  arabic and spanish my mom shes spanish and my dad hes from  arab and i don`t like to live in my dad century city city cuz i don`t fell will and i don`t like also  i am spanish and i have the passport and everything i  lest change the let's change the mode again i know there are more then people they are laughing to me cuz i don`t know how to talk will talk will english writing  i wish for the all and for me and i like the job about modiling cuz my mom  she alwayes and my dad 2 they alwayes thinkin why u don`t be a model i like it cuz i love the fashion and i alwayes dream about it  cuz i love fashion  modelling if we don`t have luck what can we will do just dream hehehe and about what ur exercise workout walking daily  bodybuilding fit daily stretching yoga 3 days in the week  abs workout daily   and this who i am know give me give me a wishes love 
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