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Manila Philippines
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My name is Brian I own and operate many adult websites on the web as well as occupy 100's of free pages.I travel to the Philippines twice as a year but that is just to visit.What might interest models here though is that I buy ( you must be 18 years of age or older with proof of) self shot nude photos to place on my websites or use as leaders on free pages to lead traffic to my websites. I pay using many methods such as paypal ,zoom.moneygram,western union etc and have references as to the fact that I do pay.Your pictures though may not be worth as much to me as they are to you though. I dictate the prices I am willing to pay not the model . This may sound rude but as a website owner I get thousands of free pictures from affiliate sites daily SO I seek special things and glamour shots are not one of them ,none of my client base (web traffic) cares about over glossed photo shopped pictures with plastic looking models. I work within the amateur model niche and all body types are considered so if you need quick cash then I might be the one to talk to .I am all about the money pretty women are a dime a dozen so I am not here to flirt etc...Photos may be shot using a cell phone but MUST BE CLEAR and contain no watermarks ,logos or copyrights.Please do not try to pass someone else photos off on me it will never work. If you are interested in selling some self shot nude photos tho and earning some quick cash then hit me with a message we might be able to make a deal.I also employ webcam models so if that interest you then message me about that as well.Thank you for reading and have a good day.
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