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Michael Bedelph


Melbourne Australia
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Profile: Photographer
Age: 58
Gender: Man
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I have experience with both film and digital cameras but would consider myself as an enthusiastic amateur photographer who has ambitions of turning pro. Photography is, for me, another string in my creative bow. I have an interest in Graphic Art & Design and love to create stuff in Photoshop.

Primarily, I am qualified in Aged Care and love doing stuff for other people. This is when I'm really happy and it gives me great satisfaction in knowing that I helped someone and, perhaps, made a difference in their lives. When I need a break from this, I just pick up my camera and lose myself in the process of creating a picture.

Photography is important to me in that it allows me to indulge in both creativity and the achievement of an end result. My technique is by no means perfect and I'm learning all the time but I refuse to produce anything that I'm not entirely satisfied with. I don't strive for absolute perfection but I always try to end up with something that has, at the very least, a quality that exhibits a sense of achievement. I try to take good pictures and hope that I end up with some truly great ones.

I like landscape, streetscape, macro, portaiture, still-life, and photo-journalistic genres of photography. A lot of the time, I'm recording my life around me in the hope that someone in the future will find what I've documented of interest. I think it's important to acknowledge the history of those who have lived in times previous to ours so I hope that some of my photographs will be able to show how people lived during my lifetime. I'm looking to get into portrait photography with an emphasis on capturing the essence of external beauty as well as producing images that lean more towards an "art" type feel. I have no interest in nude photography as I tend to follow the old fashioned maxim that a woman can look more alluring when she's clothed than she does in her natural skin.

My main life philosophy is to do good things for other people, respect their views and wishes and never do anything to someone that you wouldn't want done to yourself. I have loads of patience and perseverance, something that I think a lot of people need more of and I'm a great believer in stopping every so often to look around and smell the flowers which I think is something else that a lot of people tend not to do (but should).

No matter what I'm doing, I think it's important to always strive to do the best that I can while enjoying it at the same time, something that I can find very easy to do whenever I'm behind a camera.
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