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Alyx Andria Lee


Visayas Philippines
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Profile: Model
Age: 22
Gender: Woman
Height: 5'4" (162cm)
Relationship Status: (Only here for work)
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Well hello there. Seems like you've been really desperate to look for a model because you've finally settled down to take a peek into my profile or maybe you just want to try a different cup of tea. Anyway, negative approach aside, I'm Alex or Alyx.

I am a self-trained professional fashion and glamour model. I would have mentioned I was oriented and even trained but that did not help much because all I did there was get lectured to do stuff and never got to actually have gigs or anything. So I would rather say that what I have achieved today, I have made that myself on my own.

Born and raised in a family with a natural attraction to photography and the likes, I have always been interested with that field in art. And given that most of the family members were females, I was awakened into a world of glitz and glamour. Fashion was never a chore, it was a norm inside the household. So I always knew which pair of shoes goes with that dress and what kind of print goes well with that kind of plain. Needless to say, I am very much aware of what "glamour" and "fashion" means.

Aside from my adequate knowledge in the fashion, I am also quite well-informed about modeling. I started getting into it when I first saw ANTM (America's Next Top Model) way back when it first aired in 2003. I was young by then but I knew that deep inside me, I would be one of the girls there. Since then, I have always read and watched anything that was intended for modeling. Fast forward to 10 years (and more) later, here I am. Starting to go on on casting calls and Go See's for fashion shows, events and such.

I still remember the very first casting call I joined circa 2013 which was for Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1. I was overwhelmed at the girls who were there in local huge somewhat high - end mall because a lot of them were too alluring to be true. It was fun and I had a blast but unfortunately, because of my age (I was super young that time), I wasn't casted. Ah well, c'est lavi let's skip the part where I type too much about my history because you might be sleeping right now.

I've been on a couple of photoshoots that are mostly accentuated to fashion and not sexy glamour but this year, and onwards, I would like to level up my capabilities as a natural expressionalist and be able to widen my range in modeling. Basically, I would be honored and more than glad to do sexual and near-erotic (nothing pornographic because well, that's a different story) photoshoots in order to experience what it's like to arouse (in a professional way, of course) someone through the looking glass of a camera lense. A little bit of fun fact though, I'm a type of person who suggest ideas and concepts that are mostly out of this world so if you're one of those photographers who are into really creative photoshoot concepts then do not hesitate to hit me up about them.

As a professional model, I am educated to interact with people in the business with professionalism so I expect to be treated that way. If not, then all hell breaks loose. But I don't assume there would be people who have the guts to actually try and be disrespectful because I think all of us here are educated or are taught atleast at home, to respect each other. Anyone who would like to work with me can reach me on here or on any of my following social media accounts below.

INSTAGRAM ~ available upon request πŸ’ž
GMAIL ~ available upon request β™₯
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Pete 1 year ago
I would love to hire You to do My fitness videos. Interested?
Pete 1 year ago
I would love to hire You to do My fitness videos. Interested?

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