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Udeh Chinelo


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5'8" (173cm)
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Modelling is my hobby. To show the world's greatest fashion is my dream.
I dance (hip-hop). I luv music a lot. I hate cheaters.

You can Contact me with my email address Can stil view more of my hottest pix on


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Salvatore Vergone · Photographer
doing lots of updates on now :-)
Daniel Travolto · Photographer
for all models... model contest :-)
Daniel Travolto · Photographer
172,000 fans now on :-)
Daniel Travolto · Photographer
you can promote your profile on also :-)
Daniel Travolto · Photographer
welcome everyone :-D
Daniel Travolto · Photographer
you can now do status updates from the frontpage :-D
Daniel Travolto · Photographer
announcing first status :-D
Daniel Travolto · Photographer


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Udeh Chinelo
Sweethearts how are u
Udeh Chinelo
I think I need cool photo shoots

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