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Lee Loo La (30)

33 credits 2.216 views
Height: 5'2" (157cm)
Membership: Basic
YoModel ID: #5173

Always looking to work with other creative individuals from photographers to models to designers to everyone else in between. 

I travel when I can, and paid work helps make this possible. 

I'm pierced: ears, nose, and lip. Small and able to be photoshopped out. 

Is my hair too bright for you? I have long and short wigs in natural shades. 

No nudes. 
No tattoos. 
Selective TF. 
Tearsheets rule. 
Will shoot in PVC. 
Will shoot in latex. 
Being paid is lovely. 
Implied work considered. 
Negotiations are optional. 
Will work for shoes and clothes. 

No references = no shoot 

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Salvatore Vergone
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Salvatore Vergone
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