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Alana Rowen


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Age: 29
Gender: Woman

Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Relationship Status: (Only here for work)
Membership: Basic
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Last active: 4 years ago
I am Alana Rowen; IT professional by day, model by night. Alternative fashion, art photography, and outdoor shoots are my wheelhouse, though I am highly interested in expanding my horizons. I wish to increase my level of experience and am looking to get my foot in the proverbial door of professional modeling.Fashion is my mode of self-expression, the tool I use to bring my personality into the visible spectrum. Some of my special interest areas are goth, steampunk, lolita, regular ol' punk, and cosplay. I love getting into character and really becoming the concept my outfit embodies. Being someone else for a while is quite fun![b]---- Specifics ----[/b]Contact: Send me a message and we can exchange contact information once deciding that we'd like to work together. I'm always pleased to hear from photographers, stylists, and other models who would like to create something interesting or unique. As I am here only to liase with others who wish to establish a professional relationship, please do not message me with any variety of solicitation or recreational/personal interest.Experience: I have a fair amount of recent experience working with both amateur and professional photographers. Additionally, I did some occasional modeling off and on as a and Make-up: I do not pretend to be a competent stylist or make-up artist. Most photographers shoot me au natural. All of my current photos were shot using neither make-up nor hair products, though I am very open to experimenting and love dramatic looks, especially with vibrant eye make-up.Escort: If I have not worked with you before, I will not arrive at a shoot alone. For safety reasons, I prefer to bring an escort (who will remain quiet so as not to disrupt the creative process). Though I am typically very laid back and easy to work with, this particular item is non-negotiable.Travel: Though I am very happy to travel for a shoot, I cannot go terribly far unless my costs are paid. Due to being a starting model, I have yet to receive payment for any of my work and therefore have no funds to funnel back into it.[b]---- Social Media ----[/b]Twitter:



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