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Willing to take on a maximum of 4 female models this year. Free workshop in Manila, and part-time training over a 6 months period. Absolutely free, with international opportunities after completion of development for some or all. Learn the real art of posing for fashion, learn the real art of working with photographers (more power to you) and learn what it takes to become an international model. Submit the following to see if you are accepted: 1. Link or photos of full length. Must be clear and whole body. No baggy dress. 2. Link or photos of head-shots, prefer front and both sides. 3. I need height weight, inseam, statistics, shoe size Preference given to height over 5 foot, serious, passionate and wanting to perfect their work. Cannot accept if married, or un-available for the long term (not now) for international assignments. Must be available in Manila or close by. Message me here first to see if you qualify.
Dee Graham · Model Agency · Philippines
Hi I'm a photographer based in Cebu anyone interested to do some photo shoots to update their portfolio just leave me a message I'd be happy to help.
Nine · Photographer · Philippines
Haven't been on here for a minute I'm back
Charmain · Model · United States
Ivana Vankova · Model · Slovak Republic
Too bad... It's been a boring Sunday..
Okafor Shallom · Regular User · Nigeria
Thanks for the photo likes!!! follow me on flickr, send me a message and I will put you as a "friend" so you'll be able to see more photos! YOU MUST TYPE the link on the ADDRESS BAR. You will not be able to click on it here :(
Xam Alaine · Model · Philippines
I need online me IF there's any.
Sarrah Pasa · Regular User · Philippines
Let's shoot
Cherry Lee · Model · Philippines
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Konscious Money Ent · Model Agency · United States
xdeal :) xdeal
Adrinalyn · Regular User · Philippines
I,m looking for an agency that can represent me in south africa.
Amanda Muronga · Model · South Africa